How to use certified e-mail in debt collection

GFI ( certified electronic mail ) has now become an indispensable work tool for lawyers and for all professionals working in the credit management sector. The computerization of the public administration has introduced new telematics services which can only be accessed through a certified e-mail address. In the field of debt collection, the GFI represents […]

Online mortgage loan rate calculation

Choosing an online loan calculation system is undoubtedly one of the priorities for anyone who needs credit. In our article you will find out how to perform Government Agency online mortgage payment calculation in a few simple steps without having to enter any login credentials. How to perform the online calculation of the mortgage The […]

Immediate loan with approval

The Internet has radically changed daily practice in many areas. This also includes the financial sector. Most of the more than 200 banks approved in Germany today offer their products online. There are also financial service providers based abroad that use German brokers. Again and again you can read the term “instant loan with approval” […]

All about immediate online credit in 2020.

What is more frustrating than having to wait for credit? Some projects don’t wait! To seize the opportunities available to you, it is sometimes necessary to have a reserve of money available at short notice. Immediate online credit is therefore an ingenious solution. A quick overview of the key concepts to master… SELECT THE OFFER THAT BEST SUITS YOUR […]